یو پی اس APC SMC1500

یو پی اس APC SMC1500

یو پی اس APC® SMC1500 Line Interactive 1.5 kVA Smart

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یو پی اس APC SMC1500 با استفاده از بهترین دانش موجود و با استفاده نوآوری‌های فنی قادر شده است مناسب ترین درجه محافظت را از کارخانجات صنعتی و سایر دستگاه های حساس توان بالا فراهم آورد و سبب بالابردن ضریب ایمنی حفاظت از مصرف کننده‌ها می‌گردد.


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یو پی اس

ABC Line-Interactive Smart –UPS System – Protect Your Equipment
Input voltage: 120 VAC nominal +/- 3% (50/60 Hz), 93 – ۱۳۰ VAC mains operation, 85 – ۱۳۶ VAC adjustable mains operation
Output voltage: 120 VAC nominal +/ 3% ( 50/60 Hz )
Power capacity: 1.5 kVA
Plug/connector type: NEMA 5 15P, receptacles: 8 x NEMA 5 15R
Battery information: Batteries: Maintenance free, sealed, spill proof lead acid user replaceable hot swappable, backup/run time: 0.07 hour 900 W full load, 0.22 hour 450 W half load, battery recharge time: 3 hour typical
Form factor: Tower
Interface/ports: 1 x management (USB) – ۴ pin USB Type B, 1 x serial
Cord length: 1.83m, Color: Black
Surge energy rating: 455 J, wave form: sine wave
Filtering: Full time multi pole noise filtering, 0.3% IEEE surge let through, zero clamping response time
Boost and trim automatic voltage regulation (AVR), automatic restart of loads after UPS shutdown, temperature compensated battery charging, power conditioning, adjustable voltage transfer points, LCD status display
Management: 1 x emergency power off(EPO) optional
Operating temperature: 0 – ۴۰ deg C, – ۱۵ – ۴۵ deg C(storage), humidity: 0 – ۹۵%(operating and storage), thermal dissipation: 135.00 BTU/hr, audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit: 45.00 dBA
Control panel: Multi function LCD status and control console, audible alarm: alarm when on battery, distinctive low battery alarm, configurable delays
Certifications and standards: CSA, UL 1449, UL 1778, NOM, RoHS, Energy star, REACH, Green compliant
Includes: Smart UPS C 1500 VA LCD 120V, CD with software, documentation CD, USB cable
Weight: 45.08 lbs.
Warranty: 2 years limited
This ABC line-interactive Smart-UPS system features a power capacity of 1.5 kVA, ensuring your equipment is protected from dangerous storm surges and blackouts. This Smart-UPS system bypasses your unused electrical components, giving you optimum efficiency for the devices that need it most. Featuring a maintenance-free battery, this system will automatically restart your loads after every UPS shutdown, and the LCD screen guarantees you will always know the power status of your equipment.
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